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White Hawk Consulting, LLC

White Hawk Consulting is an outgrowth of White Hawk Group, Inc. and their decade plus history of business development as a small, socially and economically disadvantaged firm. White Hawk Group has significantly expanded its financial and management capacity with growth opportunities such as the SBA 8(a) program. The owners of White Hawk Group have acquired a unique appreciation and knowledge of the barriers inherent in growing a small, disadvantaged firm.  Leveraging this knowledge and teaming with other small, socially and economically disadvantaged firms is the genesis of White Hawk Consulting. 


White Hawk Consulting is a protective incubator for the smallest of socially and economically disadvantaged firms to maximum their current talents and resources. The core mission is to assist these firms as they also strive to have equal standing in the free enterprise system. There is an abundance of information available for such firms and numerous opportunities are presented by government and private sector outreach programs. However, there is an incongruous disconnect with significant performance resource demands and firms that are certified to be economically disadvantaged.  Through personal experience, White Hawk Consulting owners have seen this incongruity between the demands for contract performance and the resources or experience of small firms. The White Hawk Consulting incubator approach bridges the divide with its training, day-to-day operational support, and access to the appropriate assistance for quality contract performance. White Hawk Consulting provides real-time, “on the job” training as our clients independently build their own accounting, administrative, marketing and project management capacity.